Starter House - Great Debut

Starter House - Sonja Condit

From the moment Lacey sees the dilapidated house, she is hooked.  She has to have it.  She can picture her and Eric's future family inside the house.  Everything seems perfect.  Except, in true haunted house story fashion, it's not.  Eric and Lacey move into the house but they aren't quite alone.  There is a mysterious boy named Drew who not only shows up unannounced, he can have quite the temper tantrum.  


The book moves along quickly and Condit has a great "voice" in the book.  The characters are likable but flawed and I, as a reader, felt as though I really "knew" them by the end of the book.  Sometimes I loved Lacey and Eric, and other times I wanted to throttle them.  Much like family.  


For awhile I had difficulty understanding how the seemingly unconnected story arc with Lex and his estranged wife/daughter fit into the story but never fear - all of the loose ends are pretty well tied up as the story closes.  I read some reviews that compare this book with Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box" and I can see why the comparisons are made. I, personally, loved the Hill novel and really enjoyed "Starter House".  I look forward to many more books from the talented Condit.